Infographic: The Fun Facts of Facebook

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Whether you are a user of Facebook or not, it’s always there and millions upon millions of people use it every single day. Starting tomorrow, Facebook will be sold on the open market for about $38 a share, bringing the totaled value of the company to a whopping $100 billion. Given the circumstance, we felt it was appropriate to share this graph with everyone that shows some interesting tid-bits about FB and just how much the almighty Mr. Zuckerburg is worth. 

For example, did you know that Mark makes about $67 every second totaling around $650K every week? Or what if Facebook was a country – with over 900 million users, FB would be the 3rd largest country in the world after China and India, basically crushing the US which is home to only 300+ million. In such a short amount time, this website has become an extremely strong force in today’s society and it only looks to go up after the IPO.

Do we have any potential share buyers among us?

Via: Techno Buffalo



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