Share Your First Android Instagram Photos [Obligatory Post]

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With Instagram finally releasing on Android, we couldn’t help but ask that you all put those filters to use right away. I’m sure you have all snapped a handful of pictures, played with settings, searched for friends, and all that jazz, so let’s see ’em. Seems like the only way to decide if this thing is as amazing as iOS users make it out to be, is to get the Android community involved and sharing. Ready?


1.  Obviously you need to keep them “safe for work.”
2.  Sharing .jpg or .gif URLs in the comments will make them viewable without having to leave.

(Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do that with Instagram at this point. They only send links to their site when shared, so the only workaround is to either download and re-upload to an image sharing site or copy the URL to the image from Instagram’s site.)

3.  Again, keep it happy and clean.



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