Refurbished Kindle Fire Available Today Directly from Amazon for $139

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Today’s Gold Box deal over at Amazon features a shiny, refurbished Kindle Fire for as little as $139. Word on the street suggests that it comes with the original manufacturer warranty and all the protection that the new $199 Kindle Fire offers. Not a bad deal, right there. Some would even argue that these OEM refurb’d products are better than the originals as they have been tested thoroughly after being fixed. Not sure I completely buy that a brand spankin’ new product would be worse off than a refurbished one, but in this case, there don’t appear to be any negatives.

So if owning the top Android tablet that would lead you to believe that it isn’t even an Android tablet is on your list of must-haves, might want to consider this deal.


Cheers Jigga_Z!



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