NVIDIA CEO Talks $199 Tablets, Could be Here this Summer

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After seeing Asus and NVIDIA standing on stand at this year’s CES with a 7″ Tegra 3-powered tablet that they said would be available for $249, our collective jaws put a dent in the floor from hitting so hard. But what if the price ends up being even lower than that? Rumors over the last couple of months have suggested that a “Nexus” tablet would launch some time in the first half of the year, potentially at $199. NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang essentially confirmed that such a tablet, or at least one at this price point, is on the way and would be powered by their chipsets. At $199, “expensive memory” and other build materials would need to be cut out, but the processor would remain a Tegra 3 to give it exceptional performance. Huang fully expects “Android” tablets to reach such a low price by this summer.

While I’m excited for $199 quad-core tablets, I’m a little concerned that by cutting out other high-end parts, these tablets will be one trick ponies. Does anyone really want cheap memory in a device? Does that mean cheap screens too without high pixel densities and resolutions? Or does that stuff matter? Would you rather have power and a low price than a high price and pimped out specs?

Via:  The Verge, NY Times



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