Temple Run Not Available to the RAZR and Bionic, Imangi “Hopes” to Make It Available in the “Future”

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Temple Run was finally released on Android last night, but unfortunately, those with a RAZR or Bionic were left out of the fun. We reached out to Imangi Studios’ PR to see what the status was on bringing support to these phones and were told that they “hope to be available on those devices in the future.” They did not have a specific time frame to give us.

We are trying to figure out how the DROID 4 got the thumbs up though, when it runs essentially the same chipset as those two phones? Also, we see that the LG Spectrum, Galaxy SII, XOOM, and Tegra 3-powered Transformer Prime are all supported with their varying range of processors and screens. Someone fire up the “fragmentation!” engines…



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