Google Voice Update Brings Android 4.0 Integration – Playback Options, Access From Dialer, and New UI

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Since we saw Android 4.0 unveiled in Hong Kong last October, we have been waiting patiently for Google Voice integration into the dialer or contacts. That time is now. Once you update to the latest version in the Play Store, you can flag the “Voicemail display” box in GV Settings to turn your dialer into an instant voicemail center.

As you can see in the photos above, your dialer will then attach to your contacts that have left you messages in Google Voice, giving you the ability to play voicemails without having to enter the GV app. From this new voicemail screen, you can slow down or speed up messages, delete them, and call or text the person. The app itself has also been skinned to match ICS styling while allowing for much swifter navigation. 

This new feature only works with Android 4.0+.

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