Thursday Poll: Do you use Google Voice?

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Google Voice may be my favorite Google service or Android app of all time. With the latest update that was released today, a great product managed to get even better and I’m ecstatic. As someone that has a handful of phones from varying places at all times, Google Voice allows me to manage them all under a single number. I can’t live without it. The free texting also comes in handy as well as the visual voicemail and access to them from both computer and phone, but the multiple phone number management is really the key here.

I’m just curious to know if others have given their life over to Voice like I have. If you haven’t, is there a particular reason? The biggest hurdle for me (and still is sometimes) was having to change my phone number with everyone. But once the initial pain of that was out of the way, it has been smooth sailing. Well, until someone tries to send you a picture message that is. But who does that in 2012 anyway? Email those, people. No one wants to see that low-quality, shrunken carrier MMS message when you can email the full version at no cost over data.

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