Motorola RAZR GSM Bootloader Bypass Discovered, Could Work on LTE RAZR

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In the never ending battle with bootloaders of Motorola devices, developer kholk thinks he may have found a way to bypass that of the GSM RAZR and maybe even the LTE DROID RAZR here in the States. He is said to be using the kexec method that was last used on the original DROID X, but so far other details have not been made public. Over the last couple of weeks, he has popped into this XDA thread to give a status report on his findings. As of Sunday, he seems convinced that his method works on the GSM and LTE RAZRs, but so far, only 1-core of the dual-core OMAP4430 is functioning. Once he can get the 2nd core fired up, he plans to make everything public.

From my understanding of kexec, this method won’t unlock the bootloader of the device, but it will allow you to flash a custom kernel. This would be a major happening in the land of the RAZR should kholk succeed. I wouldn’t recommend holding your breath on this one as someone seems to get “close” with each new Motorola release and then eventually gives up. Feel free to cross a couple of toes though.

Cheers Trevor!



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