Fan of Motorola’s New RAZR Commercials?

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We talk quite a bit about commercials here at DL, especially ones that involve the DROID brand. As you all know from the past, Motorola’s first DROID campaign was one that most will never forget. We had robots, the DROID red eye, the “DROOOOIID” sound bite, shots at Apple products, pure coolness, and an in-your-face attitude. It gave Android the kickstart that it needed to become the global giant that it is today. 

Over the last couple of years though, those “DROOOOIIID” commercials evolved into spots with motorcycles, weapons, ninja chicks, and a bunch of stuff that forgot to focus on the product. Most people not as addicted to Android as those in this community, were usually confused by them, often wondering what the hell they were trying to promote.

Starting in early February, we saw a change on the DROID campaign front. Verizon is now running promos of their own for the RAZR rather than the big epic production shoots that we grew accustomed to. Motorola is also stepping out on their own with the two spots that we have included here.

You are supposed to believe that the people included are actual RAZR owners, but whether they are or are not isn’t the point. So far, we love these. They are intimate, focus solely on the product and its features, and come off as much more real. And in a time when reality TV dominates every network, real is exactly the right move. While these may not work for 3 years straight, they are a welcomed change.

What are your thoughts on Moto’s new spots? Too fake? Just right?



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