Video: Galactic Gameplay Preview of Angry Birds Space With the Help of a Real Astronaut

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When the word got out that the next Angry Birds was to take place in space, the first question many wondered was how Rovio intended on dealing with the lack of gravity in the aforementioned environment. Well, it looks like Rovio had to call on NASA itself and get some help. Since even astronauts get bored on the International Space Station, they had no problems obliging and decided to give everyone a quick lesson on trajectories and the weightless place they live in.

Angry Birds might be getting a bit old and played out, but this is actually sort of a fresh take on the idea and I think it could be a bit of fun. It looks to be a lot more challenging than previous versions and should keep folks busy for a while. Anyone here excited for the new version?

Via: Tech Crunch



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