Samsung Announces the Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) Which is Just an Original Tab 10.1 with Ice Cream Sandwich and Slightly Tweaked Design

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Since Samsung wasn’t ready to announce the Galaxy SIII at MWC this year, they had to at least come up with something. That “something” is the Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) and a projector phone called the Galaxy Beam, which we’ll talk about in a bit. For now, let’s focus on this new Tab 2 that should be an epic release after the success and awesomeness that was the original 10.1, right? Eh, not really. The Galaxy Tab 2 is identical to the original 10.1 except that it runs Ice Cream Sandwich and has a slight redesign with speakers in the front. Otherwise, it packs a dual-core processor, 7,000mAh battery, 3MP shooter in the back, VGA shooter in the front, and TouchWiz. We wish there was something else to say about it, but it really is an identical tablet. Not to say that we don’t still love the original 10.1, but come on Sammie, give us something new and brilliant.  

Update:  As reader @tomgillotti points out, there is also a Galaxy Note 10.1 on the horizon that is yet to be announced. It was rumored to be on the way, but with Samsung not confirming it during their Beam and Tab 2 announcement, we weren’t sure if it was real or not. Apparently it is. The difference between that and this tablet is beyond us.



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