Tuesday Poll: First 5 Apps That You Would Tell a New Android Phone Owner to Install?

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If your mom or best friend or random street walker came out of a Verizon store with their first ever Android device and asked for the first apps that come to mind that they should download, what would you tell them? And this is a question you should be ready to answer, seeing as some 700,000 Android devices are being activated each day – many of them for users who have come from other platforms. These people, need to know what’s up.

For me, I think I would recommend a file manager of some sort since stock Android devices do not come with one and skinned devices tend to have limited features in theirs. I would then go with Google Voice just because of the free texting and the ability to add multiple phones under one number. This may be a pain to some since they will essentially need to get a new phone number, but it’s worth the hassle. I would then recommend Chrome Beta since it already blows almost all other browsers out of the water. Depending on who the person is, I would have to toss out ESPN’s Scorecenter for all things sports. Seems odd I know, but I use this app at least a couple dozen times throughout the day. And last, would be Google Music. The Google Music player has become my go-to app now that almost all of my music is in the cloud.

What would you recommend? A new browser? A game? Evernote? Please don’t say Angry Birds.



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