Since the DROID 4 Battery Cover Can Be Removed, It has Wireless Charging Capabilities

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If you love Motorola phones and were looking for reasons to buy the DROID 4 over the RAZR, consider wireless charging one of them. Since the DROID 4’s back cover can be removed in order to give you access to SIM card and microSD slots, Moto has gone ahead and created an “inductive” or wireless charging cover for it. Just remember that in order to charge wirelessly, you will need to fork out $40 for the cover and then anywhere from $50 to $100 for the pad to charge it on. I know it’s not much of a bonus, but there are a handful of companies looking to make wireless charging the way of the future. Think about having the ability to charge your phone while it sits down on a bar next to your Manhattan. We could see it, some day.


Cheers Digital Dan Hook!



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