WSJ: Google Acquisition of Motorola to Clear as Early as Next Week

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According to “people familiar with the matter,” Google’s acquisition of Motorola could clear through the U.S. Justice Department as early as next week. Proposed back in August to the tune of $12.5 billion, we can’t wait this deal to be completed. As fans of Motorola’s hardware and haters of their bootloader policies, one can hope that Google will step int to help preserve the integrity of Android. They have said time and time again that Moto will act as its own entity, but that doesn’t mean policies can’t change to better match those of Google’s.

And aside from the software side of Android, this obviously allows Google to use Motorola’s patent portfolio at will going forward. Tech patent battles are not going to end any time soon.

Will your impressions of Motorola change once this deal finalized? Or will you need to see immediate action from Google in order to accept Moto back into your life?

Via:  WSJ



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