Oracle: “Daily Android Activations Likely Generate $10 Million in Annual Mobile Advertising Revenue for Google”

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In a letter to the court concerning a recent Java-related patent infringement case against Google (go figure), Oracle has divulged that it is their belief that Google earns roughly $10 million each day  in annual revenue from Android activations. Oracle did not mention how them came upon this number, but patent expert Florian Muller feels that they arrived at the alleged integer by basing it on the fact that Google earns roughly $14 per Android activation.

Oracle is also claiming that Google’s use of Java in Android now stretches far beyond just Android. This product is allowing them to grow Google+, make money from the Android Market, etc. If it isn’t clear yet, this is Oracle’s way of trying to raise the amount of money they feel they are owed by Google for allegedly using Java illegally. It’s a smart move and the assessment is probably fair whether any of us like it or not. Wait, did I just call a move made by a patent troll “fair?”

Via: BGR, Foss Patents



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