DROID RAZR Receives ClockworkMod Recovery Via Bootstrap

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While I’m not interested in getting into the dev drama that appears to have surrounded this situation, I did want to point out that there has been a bootstrap app for the DROID RAZR since November, but for whatever reason, slipped through the cracks and almost no one saw it (maybe because most of you were renting it?). XDA member¬†nitroglycerine33 created the fully working app that will flash ClockworkMod Recovery onto your device. Backups and restores appear to be fully working, so if rooting and then tweaking and potentially flashing ROMs is in your RAZR future, you will want to jump on this.

I should point out though, that to my knowledge, there is not any form of system file that will save you should your run into soft-bricking types of issues. So if you proceed, understand the risks involved here.

Via:  XDA, Phandroid



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