Meet the Design Team Behind the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

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Many people had input on the design of the world’s first device to house Google’s newest Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” operating system.  But no two names were more heavily involved than that of TaeJoong Kim and GiYoung Lee.  Recently, the pair sat down to discuss the key design elements found on the Galaxy Nexus and what gives it such a unique yet beautiful look. 

When asked what inspired the design they spoke of a magnolia petal floating in mid-air.  As designers, Kim and Lee tend to favor nature for inspiration rather than modern mechanics.

“All the design projects I’m working on take cues from nature.  Nature is authentic and infinite.  Before, we tried to take inspiration from polished sports cars and other graceful designs, but then we realized that nature was the source of all inspiration.”

Not everything always goes smoothly when designing the next big thing, though.  There were challenges. How would they fit all of these features into a sleek and slim body and still have one of the most ergonomically fit phones ever created?

“We used the Soft Feel varnish on the battery cover for improved grip but because of a characteristic of the varnish, it was difficult to match the color with the rear’s metallic spray. I think it’s the product designers’ duty to overcome these difficulties with a deep understanding of the structure, use, and even the production process. Also to make the device more streamlined, we rearranged the hardware components. The development team put a lot of effort in too. Through all this we were finally able to maintain the ergonomic curve as well as the grip. It was all in an effort to adhere to the main design concept.”

“The Nexus is the result of great teamwork and cooperation. It was great to see different departments work together for the same goal.  When we all realized that we were all striving for the best possible product, I think people really started to appreciate the hard work and contribution of other departments.”

We are truly happy that these two are on our side when it comes to designing Android smartphones.

Via: Samsung Tomorrow



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