Update on the Galaxy Nexus Situation? Not Much has Changed

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A weekend passed and according to our Twitter timeline and inbox, many of you noticed that we had nothing to post on the status of the Galaxy Nexus that is headed to Verizon. There is a reason for that – nothing has changed as of last Friday. But since so many were looking for an update on the situation today, we thought we would just toss out a quick post.

The current date we are all looking forward to remains December 15. There are no guarantees that it will launch that day, but the majority of stores have been told to target that date for now. Just remember that December 9 was essentially a lock and something happened, so again, we’ll just wait for that day to arrive and see what happens. We told you that the rumors of a Sunday, Monday or Tuesday launch were just that, massive unsubstantiated rumors. Sure enough, two of those days have passed without even a beep from Big Red, Google or Samsung. 

As far as reasons why the device has been pushed back, let’s just say that we will likely never know the true reason and to tell you the truth, that’s the way it should be. Verizon told us that it would be out by the end of the year because they obviously understood that the device needed to pass through testing and did not want to make anything official until they knew everything was 100% ready. I know that we all want this device now, but try to give them at least a little bit of a break. I would rather this phone pass all of their tests and hit shelves with zero bugs than watch the world bitch about them releasing a buggy, beta product too early.

We have seen sites blame the Google Wallet situation over the delay, but have not heard from any of our sources that that has even been in the discussion. Remember that the Nexus S on T-Mobile still to this day does not have Wallet and likely never will, so I doubt this would be the reason for this hold up.

If you really need a reason to ease your brain pain, just consider the fact that Verizon’s LTE network went down in a major way last week, that not all stores have inventory yet, and that LTE chips have been a pain in every phone manufacturer’s rear all year. Pretty tough to launch the phone of the year if you don’t have enough to sell and you also have a shaky network on your hands, wouldn’t you say?

And on a related note, let’s talk about comments on Nexus posts and DL in general. Keep it classy, folks. We had a troll battle over the weekend that has since been taken care of, but we would appreciate it if you would all try to breathe for a second and think about what you are about to type before posting. Is it going to offend or insult someone? Probably shouldn’t post it. The DL community has been one of the friendliest places on the internet for 2 years now, let’s not allow one phone and a couple of trolls to change that.



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