Samsung Phone Owner to Herd of iPhone Sheep Waiting in Line – “Why Don’t You Guys Get 4G Phones?”

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Come on admit it, these new Samsung commercials are pretty good. You have a herd of soon-to-be next-gen iPhone owners, obsessing over what BGR the blogworld has tossed out into the rumor mill for launch day. Along comes a Samsung Galaxy SII owner with their massive white device that happens to catch the eye of said sheep. A conversation is struck up, and the word “4G” is included. As you all know by now, there isn’t an iPhone on the planet that can run on 4G. Enter punch line.

Update:  So apparently this piece was cut from the full version of the ad we posted a week ago and made into its own ad. Forgive us, but Samsung sent it over like it was something spicy and new. Just enjoy. 😛



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