Video: Motorola Teaches You How to Use Their New Smart Actions App

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Your new DROID RAZR may need some help in the battery department just as much as any 4G LTE phone on Verizon does. With phones only able to run the current 2011 LTE technology, there isn’t much that can be done except by tweaking your OS as much as possible or swapping out a dead battery for a fresh one. Since Moto decided to make this phone the thinnest on the planet, you won’t find extra life coming through an extended or backup battery. That leaves phone hackery.

Through Motorola’s new Smart Actions app, they are attempting to give you the tools to help your phone last longer on a single charge. Smart Actions allows you to customize your life by adjusting settings or launching apps depending on your location, time of day, etc. While I haven’t found a single way in them to truly extend battery throughout the day, I will say that the idea itself is fun. Having your phone automatically launch your workout playlist when headphones are plugged in is convenient. If you really want battery extension though, I’m afraid that turning off 4G and GPS is about the only way you are going to do it.



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