HTC Loses Key Patent Infringement Case Against Apple

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In this day and age of technology no one is safe from lawsuits, especially in the mobile landscape. Microsoft has sued dozens of companies, as has Apple – with Samsung, HTC, and Motorola countering the lawsuits with their own. The sad truth is that almost 99 percent of the cases involve patent infringement suits – Android took from Microsoft, Microsoft took from Android, Android took from Apple, Apple took from Android, and so on.

To defend themselves from endless lawsuits companies are purchasing other companies with extensive patent portfolios, and last July that is exactly what HTC did when it purchased S3 Graphics. The Taiwanese company has been in a bitter patent battle with Apple since the days of the Nexus One. With the $300 million acquisition of S3 Graphics, HTC filed a counter-suit claiming Apple infringed on the company’s newely acquired patents. Unfortunately, the ITC has ruled in Apple’s favor – handing HTC a significant blow.

HTC has remained optimistic stating, “while the outcome is not what we hoped for, we will review the ruling once the commission provides it and will then consider all options, including appeal.” HTC has several other cases against Apple, however with Cupertino’s recent win analyst are concerned about HTC’s S3 purchase, stating that the loss may have a long-term negative impact.

Apple and HTC will be back in court, this time in a case regarding HTC’s infringement on two of Apple’s patents, with a verdict expected December 6.

Via: Bloomberg



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