New Google Music Screenshots Give Us a Taste of Ice Cream Sandwich for Tablets

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You could probably replicate what Ice Cream Sandwich would look like on a tablet through the emulator, but we wanted to show you these new screenshots that showed up in the market listing for the new Google Music app anyway. We know that Android 4.0 was built to run on both tablets and phones, and this is one of the first looks at that happening. As you can tell, the music app looks beautiful on a bigger screen with that new ICS color scheme. There is no telling what this tablet is, but you can clearly see the new ICS Back/Home/Recent Apps icons in the bottom left corner and the new setup in the notification area.

Nothing crazy, just wanted to share.

On a related note though, would love to hear your predictions on what the first Android 4.0 tablet will be? Are we all expecting it to be the Asus Transformer Prime shortly after launch or could something else sneak in and crash that party?  

Via:  Android Market

Cheers Brum08!



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