Verizon to Run “Double Data” Promo During November? 4GB of Data For Just $30?

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A couple of reports this morning are suggesting that on November 8, Verizon will start a new “double data” promo. What exactly does that mean? That if you sign up as a new customer or add a new line, that you will be given 4GB of data for just $30 rather than the 2GB that current tiers are offering. Or if you go for the 5GB plan for $50, you will actually end up with 10GB of data. Not bad, right? These reports also claim that current customers on tiered plans should be able to upgrade to one of these “double” plans as well, but may need to call in to customer service or check to see if you can change to a double plan right through your online account.

As you can see in the screenshot from above that a friend sent us, there is most definitely some sort of “Double Data” plan going down on Black Friday, but so you know, November 8 is tomorrow.

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