LTE Version of the Galaxy Nexus Will Be Slightly Thicker Than the HSPA Version, Anyone Surprised by that?

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Such a beauty, isn’t it? According to reports this morning, the 4G LTE version that you see on Verizon may not look exactly like that. Well, that’s probably not fair. Let us just say that it won’t be quite as thin as the version you saw on stage last night at the Galaxy Nexus event. And the reason for that is? We have to assume that the LTE radio’s girth is to blame. Probably should not freak out though, as “a little” thicker does not mean it will be anywhere near the thickness of the current crop of LTE handsets. It will still be thin, folks.

Now, how about a date? Are we go for November 10? We know that is a tentative date, that’s for sure.

Via:  Engadget

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