Google Voice Team Makes MMS Support Official: Working with Multiple Carriers, Hoping to Have Inbox Support Soon

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Official. The Google Voice team just acknowledged the rumors from this morning that they have found a work-around for MMS (multimedia messaging service) messages. If you are a G-Voice user, you will need to cruise into Settings and choose the option under “Voicemail & Text” to “Forward text messages to my email:” to get this to work. That will allow your friends to send you MMS messages (pictures, video, etc.) and have them arrive in the email account that you have chosen to receive forwarded texts to. The plan is to have this become a part of your Google Voice inbox, but this will have to do for now.

This new feature is currently only available to Sprint customers. They are working with other mobile operators to bring it to everyone though, but that could take some time.

Via:  Google Voice Blog



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