Video: Facebook Introduces Timeline, Mobile Version on the Way

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Facebook just got done wasting 2 hours of my day unveiling their latest major update at their f8 conference called Timeline.  If you are into the social network, then you will probably have some mixed feelings about this drastic change.  The idea is simple – it takes your entire existence on Facebook, and then displays it as a timeline by year, month, and day, so that you and your friends can take a look back and have multiple “Ahhhhh…” moments more often.

OK, I made it sound like it’s not pretty groundbreaking when it actually might be.  It displays photos brilliantly, interacts with apps better, and is a great way to see how bad you dressed back in 2007.  The big thing here though, is that they have a mobile version on the way, well, for the i*hone anyway.  They actually showed a render or mock-up of it which looked pretty slick.  We are just wondering how long it will take to put a version out for Android – 6-8 months?  

And is it just me, or do the top half of these new Timeline pages look exactly like MySpace?  Yikes.

Also included in this 2 hour event were announcements for Spotify, Netflix and Hulu integration which will all begin to rollout today, perhaps.  Timelines aren’t there for everyone just yet, but should start to become the norm over the next few weeks.  If you want to try to get in early, you can sign-up to be a part of Timeline here.

One last look at their new class of social apps:



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