Gamestop Introducing Branded Android Tablet Next Year?

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Color me surprised, because the largest retailer of video games in the nation is involved with talks that they will be launching their own brand of Android tablet sometime during the next year. Gamestop president Tony Bartel explained today that they are currently testing the sale and distribution of a currently unspecified Android tablet that will come paired with a controller peripheral of some sort.

The goal of the device is apparently to stream full retail releases while still supporting mobile apps and other things. Bartel even said that there would be titles made specifically for the tablet.

All of this is very very interesting, but not far off after seeing that Kal-El processors are going to be here very soon. The problem is, who wants to carry around a tablet AND a controller to play Modern Warfare 3? It seems unwieldy to try and play a large game like that on a small screen. I can’t even read a book at the right angle on a tablet, how am I gonna pwn some n00bz? What do you guys think of this announcement?

Via: Joystiq



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