Jelly Wars – Angry Birds Meets Worms

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Kellex and myself are always finding games where we can duke it out in for glory. Our newest favorite is a game called Jelly Wars, and if anyone remembers the old game Worms, then you might feel a bit nostalgic. There are two orbs on the playing field – one red, and one blue. You must fling (like Angry Birds) explosives across different maps and obstacles to blow your opponent up.

Sounds easy right? It’s a serious ‘blast’, so if you feel like taking on the world, Kellex and myself included, then head over to the Market and pick it up. There is a free version w/ ads, and then a pro version which includes chat capabilities, and no advertisements. 

Market Link: Pro Version ($1.49 no ads + chat) Free Version (ads + no chat)



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