Track and Protect Takes Pictures of the Ugly Criminal That Stole Your Phone

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People lose their phones. It is just a way of life for some. But if you have an app that helps fight against thieves, or even fight against yourself from forgetting or losing your phone, then you should definitely take advantage of it. Track and Protect has some very cool features including, auto phone lock at SIM change, remote phone wipe, and even report thief’s location at SIM change. All of which helps smartphone users feel more secure when taking their devices everywhere they go.

Probably the neatest Track and Protect function, is the camera feature, where it will snap a picture with the front facing camera if the thief doesn’t enter the right lockscreen gesture after 3 tries, then send it to your email. If you take your phones security more seriously than the average user, give it a go. Free on the Android Market, with additional in app purchases for further features.

Do you guys use these types of security apps? Have you ever had to use one?

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