Minecraft Pocket Edition Released For Android, But Don’t Get Too Excited Yet

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Prepare to cry tears of joy my fellow Minecrafters. Mojang has just recently published Minecraft for Android on the Market. But don’t get too far ahead of yourselves if you do not own an Xperia Play. Minecraft has been released with only one compatible device for the next month or so, and yes, it’s the Play. The full edition of the app will run you $7, so that isn’t anything to cringe too much at, since we were expecting a $10 price tag. 

The game is only missing a few things for being a mobile version. Most players of Minecraft use the “Survival Mode”, and that is something which this mobile version lacks. We are hoping the developers will be adding it soon, but for now, you just get to run around with other players on local wi-fi networks and build things. No creepers, zombies, or skeleton archers. Kind of boring, right?

Fingers crossed that it remains the price of $7 when it is released for all other compatible devices. We are doubting it will be available for any devices with no physical keyboards though, seeing as how Minecraft relies heavily on keys, and on screen controls for this game would seem somewhat silly.

Market Link (Demo Version) | Market Link (Full Version)

Who is super stoked for Minecraft on Android?

Cheers everyone who sent this in!



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