DROID Bionic Makes Its Way Into Verizon Store, Lucky Chap Snaps Pics

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This might be the week to finally head into a Verizon store to ask about the DROID Bionic, if the story behind these pictures is true.  Word on the street has it that a Motorola rep walked into one of Big Red’s retail outlets yesterday with DB in hand and was more than willing to allow folks in the area to snap pictures of it and send them off to friends.

We get a nice look at the device in a real hand, along with a semi-side look and the Moto dock.  I must say, that the device definitely does not look too thick by any means.  It looks enormous in this young lady’s hands, but…well whatever I was about to say could only sound dirty, so I’ll stop there.

Moto and Verizon may want to think about crankin’ this bad boy out a little earlier than September 8 though, because Samsung announced their Galaxy S II event for August 29 and rumors are swirling today that Apple may announce the iPhone 5 on September 7.

Time may be running out for Moto on this one…  

Backside of the device:

Moto dock:

Via:  Howard Forums

Cheers to everyone who sent these in!



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