Monday Poll: The Perfect Smartphone Screen Size is?

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A lot of chatter throughouit the last week or two has been over whether or not the 4.5″ devices that are on the horizon are too big or just right.  The Samsung Galaxy S II originally launched in Europe/Asia with a 4.3″ Super AMOLED Plus display, but has potentially been replaced by a 4.5″ version here in the states on T-Mobile.  The DROID Bionic was forever rumored to be sporting a 4.5″, but we’re pretty sure now that it’ll be 4.3″ as was originally expected – disappointing many of you and pleasing others.  We’re still pretty undecided as a crew who once fell in love with the 4″ screen of the Nexus S and that are now obsessed with the 4.3″ version on the SGS2.

What do you guys think?  Tell us the size of the perfect smartphone display.

The perfect smartphone screen size is...

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