Atrix Running Stock Android 2.3.4 has been Rooted, DROID3 Up Next?

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Over the weekend, we were tipped to instructions that had been released for rooting the Motorola Atrix running stock, locked Android 2.3.4 – something that had previously not been accomplished on any non-Nexus device.  And once we found out, we started doing our best to spread the word, but thought we should also let all of you know, here on the site.  You see, the more we get people talking about it, the more likely  we are to find someone who can make it happen for our friend the DROID3 which could also lead to the rooting of the DROID Bionic.  We’re expecting both devices to be running almost identical software on very, very similar hardware.

There is talk that we may need an SBF in order to accomplish root, but our friend @P3Droid thinks he may be close without one.  You’ll want to keep it close, as we’ll be all over this story.

Atrix owners, you’ll want to head over to this RootzWiki thread for instructions.

Cheers jigga_z!



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