Verizon 4G LTE Phones Won’t Be Compatible With AT&T’s Network

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If your 4G LTE plans included buying one of Verizon’s current phones and then ditching their service for AT&T’s soon-to-be-launched LTE network (or vice versa), you may be out of luck according to word that PCMag received this week.  Big Red spokesperson Brenda Raney, confirmed that their LTE phones won’t “be compatible on other LTE networks in the U.S.” because “the phones will be on different frequencies.”

Not that we’re surprised by any of this, but it’s slightly disappointing.  Since we’re seeing each carrier adopt a different set of impressive phones these days, it would have been nice to have more options than just the one lineup that a specific carrier is offering.  Clearly, operating their LTE networks on the same frequency would only benefit customers though and our slight hopes for some sort of openness between carriers have now been crushed.  I’m sure that shopping for the carrier with the best plan that fits your needs and then activating a phone from another is not their idea of awesome.

Via:  PCMag



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