Verizon Makes “Usage Based” Data Plans Officially Official Through Facebook (Updated)

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And it’s official.  Verizon’s “usage based” data plans have been announced through the company’s Facebook page and confirm everything we’ve been telling you for weeks now.  The positive spin of everyone now having “MORE options” is pretty comical, but they did mention the fact that current smartphone customers will not be impacted.  I know that some VZW reps were telling people that those “rumors” were untrue, but we wouldn’t have been so adamant about them if we didn’t have multiple trusted sources telling us the same thing over and over again.

Update:  Tiered plans are now live on Verizon’s site.  Looks like they are allowing you to bundle tiers and tethering together (which we sort of figured they would do) (Cheers Anthony!):

Again, new lines and new customers that are activated tomorrow will be affected and the rest of you will all still be unlimited and happy.  For now that is.     

Cheers Gustafson and Edward!



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