App of the Day: DropSnap

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So we just got turned on to this sweet little photo uploading app called DropSnap, thanks our boy MrPicolas who found this in the market yesterday.  The idea of the app is simple, but man is it something we’ve been waiting for as cloud sharing addicts.  DropSnap allows you to automatically upload photos from your device straight to your DropBox account.  By selecting a directory to monitor, DS knows almost instantly when you have taken or added a new photo and will then toss it straight up to DropBox.  You can set up syncing options and times, notifications on uploads, and choose where you want the photos to go.  We should point out that the automatic syncing comes with an in-app purchase of $3.99 though – without the upgrade it will simply notify you of new items to upload.  

Market Link (Free with $3.99 in-app purchase)

*Today’s AAS of the day is Gaia GPS.  The app is normally $9.99 and appears to be a pretty impressive outdoor GPS tracker.  For those of you into hittin’ the trails on weekends, this might be worth a grab before it jumps back up to full price.

*On Friday took a look at News360.

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