Old DROID Bionic Cases Show Up at Retailer, Something Tells Me They Won’t be Selling Any

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It looks like the cancellation of the original DROID Bionic isn’t only going to annoy techies who have been waiting for the first ever 4G LTE dual-core phone to arrive, but accessory companies as well.  As you can see in the shot above, cases have already been made for that original Bionic design and are on sale in retail stores like Meijer for $29.99.  The problem here is that we are fully expecting the new Bionic to look much more like the DROIDX than anything, so all of these cases aren’t going to fit especially since the camera and speaker have both been adjusted. Now, the render of the “Targa” below is exactly that, a render, but from what we’ve been told, the final design will look closer to that than anything we saw back at CES. Poor accessory companies.

More cases in the wild, this time from Fry’s (Cheers Bjorn!):

Cheers Flamesbladeflcl!



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