App of the Day: Contract Killer on Android

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Happy Friday the 13th! While waiting for the forever delayed Gingerbread update for the Droid X, we thought this would be a good opportunity to start an App of the Day review. We will take a look at the Amazon App Store free paid app, a favorite Android Market app, or a third party app in the reviews. With these reviews we really look forward to reader feedback of the app in the comments. We plan to list the Amazon App Store (AAS) free paid app of the day even if we don’t review it, just so you guys know what that app is. So that being said:

Today’s AAS free app: Enjoy Sudoku, normally $2.99. AAS rating – 4.5 stars.

You guys want me to review a Sudoku app?  Because I will but…..

GLU, the makers of hit titles such as Gun Bros and WSOP: Hold ‘Em Legend, have FINALLY released a very popular game called Contract Killer. Now before all else, please be aware this is a mature title as it does show violence. The game is just what the title says, kill for contracts. It is not a free roaming environment. You open the level at a fixed point and use your weapon of choice to eliminate the target. Zoom in as a sniper, use a handgun from range, etc. This is a typical Glu design in that the app is free to download from the market and play, but to really explore the game to it’s full potential, Glu will have you purchase in game add ons and goodies. There are more that 15 main missions and tons of side missions. The game does require, like Gun Bros, approximately 240MB of download data to sdcard. I have played this app on other platforms and it does provide a good amount of entertainment for those of you into mobile gaming.

Check it out and give us your thoughts!  

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