Power Control Plus Updated, Allows for Notification Bar Toggles on Honeycomb

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Power Control Plus is easily one of the more “worth it” apps I’ve ever purchased on Android.  You can set up toggles for some 30 different settings and drop those into a widget that is customizable in more ways than I can even count.  With this latest update, an app that was already top notch, just got even better by introducing support for Honeycomb (Android 3.0).

As you can see in the screenshot above, PCP now allows you to set up a toggle widget that pins to your notification bar.  And unlike the version for phones, this notification toggle bar actually allows you to quickly adjust settings rather than through a pop-up screen.  If there was a setting that took too many steps to change on your XOOM, then I highly recommend you check this app out.  Plus, with all of the customization options, you can make it look uber sexy like I have just under my clock.

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