Motorola’s Facebook Fans Appear to Like Unlocked Bootloaders

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We’ve been avoiding this post for 3 weeks now because it was such a silly move by Motorola that we couldn’t even bring ourselves to talk about it, but it appears to have picked up enough steam that we should all take a minute to have a good laugh at it.  For whatever reason, Moto thought it would be a good idea to ask its Facebook fans what cool apps they would like to see from developers.  And to no one’s surprise, a certain topic was voted on over and over again which had absolutely nothing to do with the actual question.

Bootloaders, bootloaders, and more bootloaders.  I believe the total vote count is now around 20,000 if you combine all of the options for unlocking the bootloader, leaving any real app suggestion in the dust.  Maybe this will have more success than that petition?

Via:  Facebook

Cheers to everyone who sent this in over the last 3 weeks!



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