Want Motorola to Unlock More Bootloaders? There is a Petition for that.

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Locking bootloaders is about to become a common subject that spans beyond the walls of Motorola, so to hopefully cause enough of a stir to either slow down this plague or eventually stop it, a petition has been launched.  With over 2,500 signatures in just a short couple of weeks, it’s time we flex a little DL community muscle and see if we can’t help this thing really move forward.

This is one of those battles that probably has too much money involved for us to really make a difference, but that isn’t going to stop us from trying.  While Motorola and the rest of the phone manufacturers would have you believe that they are locking bootloaders to protect consumers from themselves, we all really know that they are protecting the contracts they have signed with software companies and carriers.  This is a business after all, right?  It is, but there are other approaches that can be taken that have been successful without making customers feel like they don’t truly own a device they just paid $600 for.

So what do you say?  Should we all get to signin’?

Sign the petition.


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