GoLauncher EX Receives First Two Widgets: Task Manager and Contacts

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Fans of GOLauncher should be excited after receiving today’s update and finding out that they now have 2 widgets to bring them closer to some of the other big dog launchers.  Well, they should only be half-excited since one of them is a task manager.  Yep, they opted for a task manager over say, a Facebook, Twitter or even calendar widget.  At this point, anyone with any knowledge of Android knows that task managers are useless after updating to Froyo, so it’s a little puzzling that they would go this route, unless of course their userbase is all pre-2.2.  At least the contacts widget is decent!

And I will admit though, that I’m excited to see the GO team start to release widgets and hope they continue to pump out more in the very near future.  Truthfully, if it weren’t for our dual-obsession with ADW and LP, we’d definitely be using GO as our daily flavor.

To use these widgets, you’ll need GOLauncher installed.  After that, hit up the links below to install each widget separately.  Then add them to your home screens just like you would any other widget.

Task Manager Widget | Contacts Widget

Cheers David!



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