Verizon Officially Eliminates 1-year Contracts Online, Before April 17

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When Verizon reminded you all that you weren’t purchasing 1-year contracts in enough volume to keep them around, we assumed that the April 17 end date on a variety of documents out of their camp was the day they would go away.  Not so.  According to Big Red’s website, you can no longer choose the option of a 1-year contract.  And in case you didn’t know, today is only April 13, but their customer service reps are being told that they actually went away yesterday (online).  

Zack: Why can I not select 1-year contract pricing for a phone?

Tristal (VZW rep): How are you this morning Zack?

Tristal: If you are upgrading, you have to be completely out of contract to get that option.

Zack: It showed me the option on Monday

Tristal: It does show the option, but as you continue with the order, you will see where it change back to 2 year depending on your eligible.

Zack: Even if you are not signed in to the account and just go to the verizon website it does not show 1-year contracts

Zack: I thought 1-year contracts were going away the 17th of April

Tristal: Ok, let me check. One moment please.

Tristal: Zack, the 1-year contract did go away yesterday for online orders.

So, if the DROID Charge comes out tomorrow (which we’re starting to doubt), you will have to grab it for full retail or on a 2-year deal if ordering online.  Of course, you could always head into a store to see what sorts of deals they can conjure up.

Cheers Zack!



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