Download: Honeycomb Boot Animations in a Variety of Colors

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The Honeycomb boot animation on the Motorola XOOM is easily one of the hottest we’ve ever seen, so to see it in a variety of colors that are all flashable to almost any device, you have to be excited.  Thanks to ahavens17 over at XDA, there should be a color that will fit your current setup.  I’ve grabbed my 3 favorites and posted them below, but you’ll want to hit up the thread link to find them all.  

Download:  White | Pink | Google


*Before proceeding, it’s a good idea to make a backup of your current boot animation.  Add a .old or .bak to the end of the file name of your original to save a copy.

*Rooted users only, unless you know how to push files in adb.

1.  Download whichever boot animation you like from above.
2a.  Most phones:  Rename it to
2b.  Thunderbolt stock/rooted:  Rename it to
2c:  Thunderbolt custom ROM:  Rename it to
3a.  Most phones:  Using Root Explorer, move the file into /data/local.
3b.  Thunderbolt stock/rooted:  Using Root Explorer, move the file into /system/customize/resource.
3c.  Thunderbolt ROM:  Using Root Explorer, move the file into /system/media.
4.  Reboot your phone and enjoy!

Download the rest from this XDA thread.

Cheers Picolas!



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