Color Launches as an Instant Social Group Photo Sharing App

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Just what we need, another photo sharing, social sort of groupish app that we’ll use for another two days, right?  Well, this one might be around for a while if the $41 million in funding that it received has anything to do with it.  The app is called Color, and it allows you to take photos while you are with friends, family, etc. and instantly share them together into a group gallery.  As long as you are within 150ft of each other, the photos should automatically pull together.  You can comment on recently taken photos, thumb them up if you like, and even share the entire thing to Facebook or Twitter.

The idea has “win” written all over it, but after playing with the app itself for 5 minutes, we’ll have to hope they put some more time into developing it.  I was able to get my DX and Thunderbolt to snap photos and instantly share together, but my original DROID struggled.  The app itself is also incredibly tough to navigate.  Someone tell these folks that Android users have more than one button on their phones.  Hello, Settings menu?

So the next time you are out with a group of friends, try suggesting that they all grab this app and snap photos throughout the night to bring back memories that you may have sloppily forgotten.  150ft though!

Download Link (free)

Cheers @koush!


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