Read It Later Comes to Android

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Read it Later has finally arrived on Android.  One of the most popular iOS news apps, RIL made the jump over to the good side today and can “do things its iOS siblings can only dream about” according to its developer.  As someone that cruises the internet for the latest and greatest news, I can’t even describe to you how amazing this news is.  

What is Read it Later?

Its name really gives it away.  Have you ever been floating around the vast wasteland of the blogworld and ran into something you just didn’t have time to fully read?  Read it Later lets you quickly save that article and then spread it to almost any piece of technology that you own for later viewing.  I use a Chrome extension called ChromeItLater that saves articles into my RIL account which is then automatically populated onto any of my devices that have the RIL app installed.  It’s pretty awesome.

Oh, and I should also point out that it integrates into the “share” functionality of almost every single Android browser including the stock and Dolphin.

Download Link ($.99)

And feel free to visit the Read it Later site to find extra plugins for your favorite browsers.



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