MapQuest Android App Released, Free Voice-guided Turn-by-turn Navigation Included

And MapQuest officially enters the Android navigation arena.  Can it compete with Google Maps?   Eh, probably not, but it still looks like a great app.  Unlike other navigation options, MapQuest is offering theirs up for free and includes voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation and a bunch of other goodies.  Seriously, if GMaps disappeared from existence, we’d fall back on this one.

  • Voice-guided/Turn-by-turn Navigation: Your phone tells you where and when to make a turn
  • Voice Search:  Drivers can speak a destination for directions
  • Map Toolbar: Easily find restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations and parking with one click
  • Walking & Driving Directions:  Recommends the best route and the map rotates based on orientation of travel
  • Live Traffic Flow/Incidents: Extensive coverage updated every 5 minutes

You can use this Download Link to grab the app, but we recommend that you watch the video below since it’s clear that they spent some serious bro-time on it.  

Via:  MapQuest



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