DROID X Drops to $149 on Verizon Site, the End is Near? (Updated)

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The DROID X appears to have welcomed in a $50 price drop to $149 online which is usually a good sign that the device is about to hit “end of life” status.  We know the DROID X2 is right around the corner and step 1 towards device re-hash usually starts with pricing adjustments.  We’ll hold off from doing a formal eulogy until we actually see a DX2 announcement, but if you feel like expressing your feelings for this device, now would be a good time to start preparing them.

Here are a couple examples of previous pricing adjustments:

And on a related note, if you try to find the DX on Verizon’s normal site, you won’t.  As of right now, you can only access the phone by starting at droiddoes.com and then redirecting to their new and incredibly slow Flash site.

Update 1:  Phone is back on VZW’s regular site.  Nice to know they read this blog of ours.

Update 2:  A 16GB SD card is no longer included with the phone.  You only get a 2GB now.  (Cheers ac666!)

Cheers Alex and @KeithBlak!



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