Motorola XOOM Super Bowl Ad is Live (Updated)

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Did the Super Bowl ad for the Motorola XOOM just pop up on YouTube?  It sure looks that way.  The ad is as expected, directed at the iPad and how it’s time for people to have choices.  Specs are splashed across the screen and a slogan of “It’s time to live a free life” is introduced, but no actual pictures of the XOOM can be found.  I’m actually not a fan of the ad, but we’re thinking it’ll be in 3D if shown at the Super Bowl.  It has all of those in-your-face flying graphics to appeal to the new wave of television viewers, but still, we better see more on game day than this.

Update:  We should point out that this is likely just a teaser and not the ad we’ll see on Sunday.

Oh and maybe we just missed this, but the XOOM’s site seems to be extra spicy these days.   



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