Thursday Poll: DROID Incredible 2, DROID X2 or DROID 3?

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We first reported the news that Verizon had plans for follow-up devices to its entire DROID lineup which would include the Incredible 2, DROID X2, and DROID 3.  The news was exactly what we needed to hear after seeing only 1 DROID-branded phone at CES, but it also means it’s time we ask users for their opinions on the 2011 versions of our favorite family.  The picture above could possibly be the Incredible 2 and looks amazing, but there is also that new DX2 on the way which could come equipped with a dual-core processor and qHD screen.  And of course, we also can’t forget about the OG’s 3rd brother, the DROID 3 which is a complete surprise at this point.  So tell us, which of these devices has you most excited?  Or are you just waiting for 4G LTE?

We know it’s early for a poll like this, but we also know that you have strong opinions on your current devices that could reflect on future purchases.

Incredible 2, DROID X2, or DROID 3?

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